Timeless Luxury For Your Valentine

My first WISHLIST for The Luxe Insight comes to you in February, so what could be a better post for you all than a ‘Valentines Wishlist’, when the red-hearts-everywhere-day is just around the corner?!

As it is our first Valentines Wishlist, I wanted to make it very classic so that it would speak to many of you, as this list is full of ‘what-women-want’ hints (you are welcome! 🙂 ). I dare to assume you that many, many of you will find something here for themselves, and most importantly –  for the special lady/girlfriend/ fiancé/ wife…in your life.

As usual – I’ve prepared for you a list for different budgets, this time a selection of 40  gifts from Perfume and Chocolate, to beautiful Lingerie, Jewellery and Handbags with prices ranging from as little as £3,50 to very generous… £39,400, because luxuries come in different sizes and with different price tags, but thoughtful gestures and love, those are simply priceless.

This is a timeless collection of gifts that will make any woman feel special and what I believe any of us would be happy to unwrap on the Valentines Day!

Have a LOVEly browse and let me know what you think below (and ladies – feel free to ‘accidently’ share 😊 )





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