Trend Alert: Chain bags

Personally, I love chains. Not only on handbags, but in any accessories and as a part of an outfit – chains around your waist, bulky chain on your neck or a subtle one your shoe. I think they add that edge to a simple look, a bit of sex-appeal or even send a don’t-mess-with-me kind of message. And who doesn’t like when a ‘trend’ you consider to be a part of your wardrobe at any time comes back to fashion again? I, for sure, rejoice! 😊

This time, it’s chain bags. And not just in a form of a delicate appliqué, or a chain as a part of a bag’s strap, but also a firm, confident, in-your-face chain that dominates the look of this season’s must-have accessory. We see chains on black leather bags (from classic Chanel to chunky Alexander Wang), as well as incorporated into animal patterns (see Calvin Klein or Faith), on smooth velvet (i.e. Gucci) or against bold colours (at Valentino or Karen Millen) and as part of natural shades (from Givenchy to Russell&Bromley), for more casual, every-day look. Don’t be afraid to wear them with a simple white t-shirt and your favourite pair of jeans, or to clash a chunky chain bag with a soft, Summery dress. They are supposed to add that edge – and come handy when both transforming a simple outfit as well as adding that extra mojo to already strong, sexy, evening wear.

Below I’ve selected for you 60 chain bags of this season arranged into 6 categories: Light Shades, Shades of Black, Bright Colours, Metallics, Animal Patterns and Textures, catering for different budgets –  from a £20 Boohoo black daily bag to Tom Ford Crocodile Leather Chain Shoulder Bag costing £13,520. You’ll find different styles, colours and patterns, from most simple and classic to fun, embellished statement pieces.

I hope you will all find something for you like!

Happy browsing and let me know which ones are your favourite,






2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Chain bags

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