About The Luxe Insight

My Story

Hi! I’m Kaya and I’m the Founder of The Luxe Insight as well as a Personal and Fashion Stylist based in beautiful London, the United Kingdom.

Since I can remember, fashion has always been a hobby, then a great passion of mine. I designed my ‘End of school ball’ dress when I was 13, then my prom dress, then my friend’s wedding dress…and since young age I not only played dress up whenever I could, but also was always dressing up (‘styling’) my whole my family and friends…whether they wanted it or not! 😊 However, it has not been a straightforward road for me to where I am today, nor a smooth one, as when it came to making ‘serious life decisions’ at the age of 18, I have decided to enter the world of business through more ‘natural’ route, and went on to do my Bachelors in Management here in the U.K., then I have added the Advance Management Programme from Bordeaux, France, then worked as an Education advisor at a University, and after couple of years decided to follow my academic dreams, and I graduated with Masters in International Employment Relations and Human Resources Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science, which opened me the door to working in business consulting for one of the largest consultancies in the world. And then I thought I have ‘made it’.

..and then I have realised this is n o t where I want to ‘make it’. As much as I enjoyed the big, busy City of London and some of the most amazing clients I was lucky to work with, I very soon realised I am living, but I am not L I V I N G, you know? I was missing those butterflies, butterflies I have always had for both creative and more individual, independent work. So I left and never looked back. And few months later, you are joining me on my new journey, a road already rich of many new, creative faces I have been getting to know within the world of fashion, styling and blogging, with new fashion experiences and knowledge, to which I have most recently added a Fashion Styling Course from Central Saint Martins – one of the most recognised art schools in the world, as even though I know I have the eye and the passion, I have always wanted to ‘put a stamp on it’, and this is what I have done 😊. And then, after ‘officially’ becoming a stylist, I realised that one of the main things I enjoyed was..giving the advice. My Personal Styling Sessions with my clients soon turned into long motivational sessions, and in a way I came back to doing something I have done in other roles and jobs – advising. I have then put on another ‘official’ hat on, and now I offer Life & Business Coaching. I help women reach their true potential and become their best version of themselves, whether it is through working on improving their productivity, breaking their big goals into achievable and organised actions, to empowering them to achieve anything they set their mind to: both personally and professionally. And truly, these days no matter which of these hats I put on I find myself happy and fulfilled that I am do what makes me happy and help others achieve the same.

Welcome to my journey! 😊

The Luxe Insight Philosophy and Purpose 

You have heard my story so far, but The Luxe Insight is not about me. It’s about you – my readers and my clients, with whom I can share my passion and whom I can help to transform their image, inspire with fashion ideas, exciting travel destinations or my London favourites. The Luxe Insight aims to be a trustworthy and genuine source of information, recommendations and most of all inspiration for you.

My motto is to ‘Enjoy the small and big luxuries in life’. As much I and I am sure many of you love luxurious holidays, handbags and spa experiences, I believe it is very, very important to be able to enjoy the little things in life, whether it is simply having a quality time with yourself, a nice cup of coffee with a friend, or a new nail polish for under a £5! And what I believe is even more important, is to be able to get genuine pleasure, joy and happiness out of all those small and big luxuries in life, to appreciate them, be grateful and share the positive experience with others. And this is what The Luxe Insight will represent and what I will share with you on theluxeinsight.com in form of a lifestyle blog, with its main focus on fashion and travel – my biggest passions in life!

In addition, The Luxe Insight is here to serve you as a source of Style and Fashion Advice, which I am offering to you both face-to-face (if you are based in the U.K.) or online through my Personal and Fashion Styling, and Personal Shopping Services that you can read more about here.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy reading, let me know your thoughts and what else you’d like to see here! 😊

With warm wishes,