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As much as I love trying new things, I can reassure that I will only work with brands that I truly love and respect, and all my reviews and posts will be genuine and reflect my personal and honest opinion as I wish to share with my followers products and businesses I truly believe in and either already use or would use myself anyway.

Thus, all products / businesses / services will be chosen by myself and reviews and timelines agreed on before any posts are shared, and I will never promote products / businesses / services I do not agree with nor feel positive about.

For any collaborations please contact me here.


No personal or contact information of my readers will be shared with third parties, and all communication sent to me personally (i.e. via email) will be kept confidential, unless a written permission will be received allowing me to share it (i.e. feedback from my clients or readers). I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any commenters, advertisers or readers of The Luxe Insight.

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Last updated: 13th May 2017