The Luxe Tribe

About The Luxe Tribe

I’ve been wanting to create a genuine, strong community of like-minded women (in London, but open to everyone) for few years now, but with lots of movement (both in my life and geographically wise) it’s just never felt like it was the ‘right’ moment. Then, truly not thinking about the above at all, on the 4th November 2019 I posted this on one of the female Facebook groups:

‘ Hello lovely ladies,

I’m looking for some meaningful, mature (not judged by age thou!.. but passed the ‘partying and drinking all night every night stage😉) connections…

I’ve lived in London for over 9 years, came here to do my masters, worked in a (dream-then) big corporate job in the city, now self-employed within fashion and pursuing other business projects and coaching. People came and left, some grew apart, we all know how the life goes.. I’ve also been away here and there (this time last year left for Asia for 5 months, solo) and since finally coming back and settling down again I’ve started missing quality connections with like-minded women… Anyone else in the same boat?

So to solve this (I’m a business consultant haha 😉) I’m keen on simply finding a group of women who would like to build meaningful connections in this beautiful city, who value quality over quantity, who want to stop for a moment in this never-ending (for some) race, and enjoy life and human interactions. I’d organise nice regular meet-ups/ dinners/ spa/ dancing etc that would hopefully help to connect some of like-minded us. And by ‘like-minded’ (as everyone’s definition can be different) I mean (this is not a tick-all-boxes list, just an idea of the ‘vibe’ I’m after): happy attitude, positive energy, mindful, ambitious, mature, confident but humble, enthusiastic, kind, loving to travel/ explore, wanting to explore nice things (i.e. dining, culture etc) in London and perhaps beyond, empowering, hard-working, business-minded (perhaps self-employed / entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey)… ‘No’ to being judgmental, rude, entitled, arrogant, big-headed, childish etc… The idea is to be kind, support and empower each other, or simply relax in good company, and if any great friendships would grow out of that then mission beyond-accomplished! 😊💖

Let me know if you’d be up for it,

Kaya xx ’

This post received such a warm, beautiful response (over 100 comments) that I just couldn’t ignore it. The ‘right moment’ I guess just landed on me, and I’m committed to making it work!

Fast-forward six days…and we’ve had a WhatsApp group with 84 women living in London who feel the same way and want to create meaningful connections. Thus, whether I was ready to ‘launch’ with a gold ribbon on it or not, I’ve decided to create this platform as soon as possible, and rather than ‘having everything ready’ (which for a recovering perfectionist is difficult to swallow! 😉) I’ve decided to put your needs first and then perfect this site and other communication/ social media channels as we go along.

Thus, The Luxe Tribe has officially launched on 11th November 2019.

Our Mission is simple:

  • To establish and active community of like-minded women in London and beyond
  • To create opportunities to meet in real life and talk online
  • To empower, inspire and support
  • To spread kindness and positive energy
  • And have fun along the way


My motto for this blog (and my life once I’ve learned how to enjoy it..) has been to ‘Enjoy the small and big luxuries in life’ and it’s a theme I’d like to continue within this community as well, through it’s events as well as gratitude and appreciation posts.


What to expect:

  • Active community genuinely wanting the best for one-another.
  • Whether it’s a useful tip posted on social media, a chat over a coffee, love or business advice (and a listening ear).
  • Events/ get-togethers at iconic London locations and venues.
  • Trips in the UK and abroad (yes, I’ve decided to take it a step further, stay tuned! 😊 )
  • Safe, polite, mature, positive and respectful environment.
  • Fun and laughter.
  • ..and hopefully more goodness to come, as this page is work in progress rather than a strict rule book 😊

Connect with us


Facebook page:

Facebook group:




WhatsApp – please contact me if you’d like to be added

Sign up to our newsletter – Coming soon!



Our first event will take place either on Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th November. It will be more of a quiet get-together, indoors, at a nice London venue, allowing us to chat and get to know each other.

The second event will be more ‘informal’ and will take place either on Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th December.

The details will be posted on all our social media channels.


And let’s remember:

This group (and therefore social media channels) is all about connecting with like-minded women, supporting and inspiring each other. Yes, to advice, meet-ups and fun. If you have a product or service you’re selling and if you think it’s relevant to us – I personally don’t mind you sharing (perhaps I’ll create one day/ post a week especially for that?) and if it’s relevant to me I’ll support you and buy from you, but please no spamming, aggressive sales nor MLM etc. Thank you 😊

I’m happy to have you here with us and joining me on this journey. I hope The Luxe Tribe will bring you beautiful connections, outstanding events and opportunities to connect with like-minded women!

My warmest welcome to you all! 💓💓💓

With love,

Kaya xxx